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​Disclaimer: ​In no way are Susan O'Brien's services meant to be construed as diagnosis or treatment of disease. Services are not a substitute for qualified medical and/or professional care. Recipients agree to hold Susan O'Brien and Touch of Spirit harmless for any intended or unintended result of Reiki or other services.

Prayerful Support

Faith and illness have been part of Susan O'Brien's life since childhood. As an adult, old and new health issues increased her reliance on spirituality for peace — peace she wants to share with others suffering from challenging illnesses and experiences.

After practicing healing prayer for nine years and studying Reiki, Healing Touch, and other complementary modalities, Susan began volunteering in a street ministry, through hospice, and with individuals who are referred to her.

Susan offers a compassionate, intuitive approach that includes discussion, prayerfulness, and sometimes light touch (also known as laying on of hands) or near touch. A certified Reiki practitioner, Susan believes no one is alone in suffering — and that prayer makes a difference, even if physical healing is limited. She especially loves exploring how angels and other heavenly helpers can support us.

Susan's experiences reflect one of her favorite sayings: "Peace is not found in the absence of difficulty, but in the presence of love." Rather than charge fees, she relies on donations from supporters. Please click here to stay updated on Susan's work via GoFundMe.

Susan can be reached at skywritingsusan@gmail.com, and prayer requests may be submitted on the form to the left.

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